Exhibition of paintings at the gallery in NHS facilities in north London. Birute Nomeda Stankuniene invites visitors to slow down and take time for self-discovery.


Some photo glimpses from the exhibition opening

Photos by Evelina Simone and Simonas Vaikasas


The exhibition ‘Walking in Silence’ explores the themes of tension, silence, solitude and search for inner peace. The collection contains multiple pieces from three different painting groups.Created by Lithuanian abstract painter, Birute Nomeda Stankuniene, the works  will be displayed in the Free Space Gallery, which is positioned within the Kentish Town Health Centre, which promotes health and well-being via the arts.

Birute believes that anyone can nurture their own unique and personal relationship with art. Engaging with art helps to rest one’s mind from everyday tension. She says:

“When people are in silence and look slowly at a piece of art, they make discoveries. New findings about their relationship with or an experience of a particular piece, and in turn about themselves.”

The artist works in an abstract expressionist manner, and the backbone of the exhibition is the group of paintings under the title, ‘Being in the Silence’. Birute tells us:

”I created this painting group after wandering in the wintery outdoors of two minimal colours and shades. The crunch of snow, the stillness of nature and the deafening silence makes you embrace the free float of thoughts. Those silent moments tell a larger story. Thoughts, reminiscences, plans, expectations settle and find their place.”

Other works supplement this theme and explore the different aspects of silence. The artist says that pieces from the group, ‘Blue Melancholy’, are about sadness and painful longing, unavoidably accompanying her during the recent years. The works from the group ‘Crazy Yellow’, are about the unseen, intangible but foreboding feeling. Birute feels that they also hold the energy of determination to move forward, even if that courage seems like madness at the time.

For a chance to meet Birute and meet a community passionate about health and wellbeing via the arts, visit Free Space Gallery on the Opening Evening – October 10th, 6.30 – 9pm. – reserve your place here.


Opening Evening:

Tuesday, October 11, 6:30 – 9:00 p.m.

Exhibition Duration:

10/10/2016 – 04/11/2016


Free Space Gallery,

The Kentish Town Health Centre,

2 Bartholomew Road, London, NW5 2BX


About the artist – Birute Nomeda Stankuniene

11828540_10153504496409524_7856756496291663405_nThe artist lives and works in Vilnius and her work has been showcased in Lithuanian national and international exhibitions over twenty-five times. Birute’s art has been recognised by Saatchi Art Online gallery, featured on IUOMA publications, multiple online blogs and press. A book has been published based solely on her painting series. Birute’s artworks have been purchased by private collectors from Lithuania, Estonia, Finland, Russia, Holland, Denmark, UK, Brazil and US. She is also a member of the IUOMA , Slow Art Day and Jheronimus Bosch Plaza international projects.

About the Free Space Gallery


Free Space Gallery promotes health and well-being through the arts using its prominent position within the Kentish Town Health Centre and Queens Crescent Practice. Established in 2010 the Free Space Gallery works with local and national artists within its unique setting and delivers a programme of free exhibitions, free creative workshops, art therapy, an artist in residence programme, Drawing for people with Aphasia and Dance for People with Parkinson’s. All of its work aids health and well-being and it is generously supported by the Kentish Town Improvement Fund.