2012, winter

Acrylic, Paper  46 x 23 cm

Birute Nomeda Stankuniene about this group of works:

‘I created this painting group after wandering in the wintery outdoors of two minimal colours and shades. The crunch of snow, the stillness of nature and the deafening silence makes you embrace the free float of thoughts. Those silent moments tell a larger story. Thoughts, reminiscences, plans, expectations settle and find their place. As I was working on this group, the first pieces turned out to hold the sense of ruffled, bristled thoughts. They remind me of naked tree branches and roots protruding through the snow. In the process, the feeling of the paintings calmed down. The pieces that were painted last remind me of a clearing covered by a thick blanket of snow. There, the winter seems peaceful and only tiny stems scarcely protrude from the snowdrifts…’

This group of paintings from 2016-10-11 till 2016-11-04 will be presented at the Free Space Gallery, London. Wellcome to visit, more information here

Painting Group 'Being in Silence' in London!

See it at Free Space Gallery this October 11th - November 4th