Seems that these days London boasts of miserable weather and Christmas rush. A coffee in your hands and looking at winter inspired abstract art, might just be the perfect break.


November 14th – December 9th


BLUE MELANCHOLY- VAGABOND N7 – 105 Holloway Rd, London N7 8LT

BEING IN SILENCE – VAGABOND N4 – 20 Charter Court, Stroud Green Rd, N4 3SG


Lithuanian artist Birute Nomeda Stankuniene is thrilled to bring her abstract painting collections to Vagabond. The artist is an advocate of exposing art to the general public, and often favours non-traditional exhibition spaces. Having previously exhibited in NHS facilities, Sherborne Abbey and currently having an exhibition in Westminster Reference Library, she is extremely excited to display her works in Vagabond N7 and Vagabond N4 coffee shops. 

The artist’s paintings focus on expressing and communicating psychological states, while the abstract form frees the viewers to enter a state of contemplation and to encounter the work as a direct experience. Ultimately, finding their own unique instinctual reactions and emotions to the artworks. The painting groups ‘Being in Silence’ and ‘Blue Melancholy’ explore the themes of tension, silence, solitude and search for inner peace. Birute tells us about the two collections:


“I created the Being in Silence painting group after wandering in the wintery outdoors of two minimal colours and shades. The crunch of snow, the stillness of nature and the deafening silence makes you embrace the free float of thoughts. Those silent moments tell a larger story. Thoughts, reminiscences, plans, expectations settle and find their place.”


‘Blue Melancholy’ was created in 2016, during the coldest period of a Lithuanian winter – January-February, when the temperatures drop below -25C. The technique was extremely minimal – light ultramarine blue pigment only. These works are about sadness and painful longing unavoidably accompanying me during the recent years”

Two different painting collections, two different locations – visit Vagabond N7 or Vagabond N4 to see the abstract paintings by Birute Nomeda Stankuniene.



About the artist – Birute Nomeda Stankuniene

11828540_10153504496409524_7856756496291663405_nBirute Nomeda Stankuniene, born 1963, graduated from Vilnius Arts Academy in 2009, lives and works in Vilnius, Lithuania. Since starting to fulfill her dreams of becoming a full-time professional artist, Birute opened her personal gallery and her work has been showcased in Lithuanian national and international exhibitions over thirty times. Birute’s art has been recognised by Saatchi Art Online gallery, featured on IUOMA and Slow Art day publications, multiple online blogs and press. The book ‘Seven Feelings according to the Book of Job’ has been published based solely on the artist’s painting series. Birute’s artworks have been purchased by private collectors from Lithuania, Estonia, Finland, Russia, Holland, Denmark, Poland, Italy, UK, Brazil, and US. She is also a member of the IUOMA, Slow Art Day and Jheronimus Bosch Plaza international projects.



The word means different things to different people because a vagabond refuses to be defined. After leaving Lithuania for London, we took our very own first ‘vagabundus’ footsteps along the coffee road which started from a simple idea – to create a place called home.

And at Vagabond, our home is coffee made with love and passion.