We write letters to others, to ourselves, when we are sad or happy when we want to convey an important message. We write about love and anger, about everything, we also write official letters to various institutions, in order to explain, resent, complain, to thank …
My paintings (letters) are more reminiscent of those letters that people put in a bottle and throw into the sea, hoping that someone will discover, read, and understand them. The works exhibited in this exhibition were created over 2010-2018. During the period when I was searching and answering questions that were very important to me, I wrote many letters in a literal and metaphoric sense. When there was nothing left to ask or no one to answer, I wrote in colours on canvas about everything that happened. Thoughts, feelings, experiences lay on the canvas in colours, as words and sentences lay on paper in letters.
I want to share all that experience with the viewers (“readers”), so that may be in those works-letters of mine, as in bottles pulled out of the sea with a message, they will discover something close to them.
Artist Birutė Nomeda Stankūnienė

P.S. The exhibition was closed after a few days due to the  COVID19 pandemic, and then, reopened in July.