On the 6 of May 2018, Mother’s Day the exhibition „Seven Feelings According the Book of Job“ by Birutė Nomeda Stankūnienė was opened in the Cultural Center of Liškiava, Lithuania.

The Artist is happy to arrange exhibition of her paintings not only in large cities in Lithuania, UK, Italy but also in historical cultural centers, surrounded by beautiful nature like Liškiava in Lithuania. First records about it are from the end of the 14th century during ruling of Great Lithuanian Kingdom by Vytautas the Great

The exhibition consists of seven paintings that are displayed alongside the texts of the Holy Writ – the Book of Job,

„Through my works of abstract painting, I attempt to convey the feelings we all experience on the way to forgiveness. When we feel undeservedly hurt, when we can‘t understand the cause and meaning of our pain, when we feel powerless and abandoned like children who have lost the love of their parents. The heart of a child is torn by overwhelming and hardly perceived anguish when the closest people- parents- instead of loving and caring- choose to hurt. Only as adults we understand our injured hearts and the need for a healing power of love, forgiveness and conciliation.” – says the Artist

The Artist introduced the exhibition and shared with the visitors her insights and personal reflections related to the paintings.

You can see works from the Exhibition and following texts here