Please find below a selected comment about the exhibition from one of the visitors 


I would like to thank very much to gallery “Šofar” for arranging such interesting  exhibition. It always pleasure to visit gallery, which is capable professionally to select among many proposals the best artists and the most actual topics. It proofs very high cultural and art taste of the gallery managers.

I was very much impressed by the painting exhibition “Seven feelings according to Job Drama” of the artist Birutė Nomeda Aukštuolytė Kisielytė Stankūnienė. Abstract paintings are rather difficult to understand and accept for most of people. At this exhibition each painting is presented with excerpts from the Old Testament, Job Book. It helps to understand the painting, which starts to talk to people – becomes interactive – and finds a way to heart of visitors of the exhibition. Colors and forms of paintings touches visitors, provokes sincere feelings and reminds about timeless values: love, forgiveness, reconciliation.Thank you very much to organizers of the exhibition and especially to the artist Birutė Nomeda for wakening of my feelings and for joy of discovery provided by paintings of this exhibition.

Vilgelmina Kovalevskaja, tourists gide

The resume of the exhibition was published in ‘The Lithuanian World Wide Daily’ – newspaper “Draugas” (Friend), issued in USA. Translation to english on the request.