This is the first book of mine- written in Lithuanian and French. It‘s an attempt to generalize the feelings that we experience on the way to forgiveness using colours and texts. This book- is my cycle of paintings „Seven feelings according to the drama of Job“ exhibited in a printed form. My book’s message is that without forgiveness and conciliation there is no future. Otherwise, our pain and the burden of soul just get bigger and stronger. Eventually, they become unbearable. We all havea patent way of searching and finding the way to conciliation.

This cycle of paintings was created in a two year’s time. The Works matured gradually, surprisingly, came slowly: one after another. The original idea was born while studying at the University. After that, it just grew stronger and stronger every day.

The paintingcycle “Seven feelings according to the drama of Job” was led by the texts from the Old Testament, Book of Job. They connected all the works to one finished unit. Book looked as the greatest tool to make this unity accessible for the spectators. The fold and various sponsors made this book a reality.

You can purchase it in the Gallery/ Design studio “Menu dirbtuves”, Liejyklos 4, Vilnius, where you’ll also find the original paintings.