Gallery‘s  First Year birthday was not celebrated on the exact original day, but one day later. One year- is not much. For me, as an artist, this year brought a lot of experience: so many things had been learnt, undergone…it‘s difficult to describe everything. It is like being a young mother: baby‘s first year is the most challenging: there are so many things you don‘t know yet. So this birthday is really important for me. Here it is the programme for the special day.

The Birthday‘s programme:

Exhibition of the large painting in the small gallery/ From 12 noon to whatever we want

The exhibition’s opening and after that- viewing of the painting/ From 12 noon till evening

Birthday speeches and silence/ From evening till morning

Gallery‘s consecration/ 3 pm

Wishes and presents/ From morning till morning, possible on another days

Blowing out candles, eating cake/ 4 pm

Taking pictures or not with the unknown artist/ According to the situation

Vey unique and stylish regale/ From 4 pm

Another unplanned birthday events/ Time- indeterminate

I wanted to invite lots of friends, people that I know, art lovers to the gallery. However, the space is so small that it would have been difficult to do that. That’s why this birthday was celebrated by the small group of people sharing the greatest expectations, plans and wishes.

Photos of the birthday.