2018/02/01-2018/03/01  PAINTINGS OF BIRUTE NOMEDA STANKUNIENE , Konstitucijos av. 29, Vilnius, Lithuania

The Artist about the exhibition: „How blossom blooms of heart? How to open heart to our life and existence? How every day to spread love with all its colours and tints? Often our cold and reserved faces hide fragility of our hearts. After being involved in many activities we often do not notice how become indifferent. We think that outer armour protects us from pain. It is as snow, which protect earth from destructive frost. However, as nature incubates blooms for summer, the same way our hearts mature for love. They not only wish to be loved, noticed, appreciated by others but even more desire to love others. If heart is alive, tender and full, then soul of a person blooms. All personality is painted by many colours and tints. This life remains all the time – when sun is shining, rain is raining, blizzards are storming. I wish all to love and blossom.”