About the Exhibition

“Colour is my daylong obsession, joy, and torment.”

Claude Monet

The Exhibition includes paintings that the artist has created during the past five years. One can see a

strong influence of the nature in these works, their topics and titles. Birute Nomeda Stankuniene shares:

“While the subject of the pictures is sometimes the same, the colour play on the canvas provides different

answers in each work. Through painting in the springtime I get one answer, summer work suggests

another outcome, while winter canvas provides a totally different result.”

Very interesting and strong painting works of the artist invite us to the journey through time and

emotions. The exhibition gives exciting opportunity to be introduced to the works of the artist, who can

share her in depth, unique experience and views on surrounding world.

The official opening of the Exhibition is on the 16 of June, 18.00 and it will continue until 1st of July. If

visitors are still hungry for more colours, they are very welcome to the artist’s gallery at 9-1 Literatu str.

which is in a few minutes walking distance away from the museum.