Lithuanian artist’s workshop and an exhibition in Florence challenges social, psychological, emocional distance through the abstract painting

Exhibition Duration: 29/01/2020 – 27/02/2020

Workshop Duration: 5/11/2016 – 03/12/202

Artist Birute Nomeda Stankuniene, the severity of the Baltic character, female vulnerability, rationality and irrationality conflict in this person giving birth to revelation paintings in abstract forms. Extremes are visible in differences of cold and warm colors, in sharp and soft lines. These revelations attract, intrigue, and confuse.
From a series of such revelations, the exhibition Do Not Come Closer is compiled.
A plurality of meanings is embedded in this: the personal sphere (resentment, conflict, fear of love, passion of attraction); (social distance, difference in social status); nature, which is fascinating to look at from far away, not seeing its strict laws. However, the warning “Do not come closer” has gravity, because you often want to take what is forbidden to take. This warning “Do not come closer” provokes a feeling of embarrassment and interest due to your inaccessibility, increasing the value of the object (remember yourself in the museum when you came closer to the picture and allowed a warning signal).
The exhibition “Do not come closer” makes you experience feelings of warning and exposes the desire to have something inaccessible, and this is an incentive for personal growth.

Curator: Julia Savitskaya

Glimses from the opening of the exhibiton 

Glimses from the workshop