15/11/2016 – 03/12/2016

Mon-Fri, 10am-8 pm


Westminster Reference Library

1st Floor, 35 St Martin’s Street, London, WC2H 7HP


CNC-Xinhua News Agency (the national news agency of China) coverage of ‘Crazy Yellow’ 

Birute Nomeda Stankuniene的《疯黄》画展在伦敦威斯敏斯特参考图书馆 – CNC新闻

Broadcasted on 16/11/2016. Original video upload – http://en.cncnews.cn/news/v_show/61140_Painting_exhibition_Crazy_Yellow.shtml

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Lithuanian artist invites Londoners to challenge themselves through art


With a collection of bold abstract works and over thirty exhibitions under her belt, artist Birute Nomeda Stankuniene, is thrilled to bring ‘Crazy Yellow’ to London this November. The artist is an advocate of exposing art to the general public, and often favours non-traditional exhibition spaces. Having previously exhibited in NHS facilities and Sherborne Abbey, ‘Crazy Yellow’ at the Westminster Reference Library is her third UK solo exhibition.

The exhibition works explore the themes of anxiety and endurance, and the backbone of the exhibition is the paintings group titled, ‘Crazy Yellow’ (14 works in total). It was created over 3 years, and is a strong example of the artist’s mark: sharp, dramatic atmosphere and multiple artworks forming large painting groups which increase the thematic depth and experience. In her abstract works, Birute often seems to walk on the edge of a psychological abyss, trying to keep the balance between pain and irony, sometimes creating a dimension of the absurd. The artist tells us: “These works are about the unseen, intangible but foreboding feeling. They also hold the energy of determination to move forward, even if that courage seems like madness at the time.” The works are dominated by yellow and black: this colour combination according to Lüscher colour test connotes a state of extreme desperation when looking for escape and a risk of unpremeditated actions when seeking a change. Birute’s paintings focus on expressing and communicating psychological states, while the abstract form frees the viewers to enter a state of contemplation and to encounter the work as a direct experience. Ultimately, finding their own unique instinctual reactions and emotions to the artworks.




About the artist – Birute Nomeda Stankuniene


Birute Nomeda Stankuniene, born 1963, graduated from Vilnius Arts Academy in 2009, lives and works in Vilnius, Lithuania. Since starting to fulfill her dreams of becoming a full-time professional artist, Birute opened her personal gallery and her work has been showcased in Lithuanian national and international exhibitions over thirty times. Birute’s art has been recognised by Saatchi Art Online gallery, featured on IUOMA and Slow Art day publications, multiple online blogs and press. The book ‘Seven Feelings according to the Book of Job’ has been published based solely on the artist’s painting series. Birute’s artworks have been purchased by private collectors from Lithuania, Estonia, Finland, Russia, Holland, Denmark, Poland, Italy, UK, Brazil, and US. She is also a member of the IUOMA, Slow Art Day and Jheronimus Bosch Plaza international projects.

About Westminster Reference Library


Westminster Reference Library is a public reference library in the heart of London’s West End with a key subject collection in Art & Design and Performing Arts listed as one of outstanding national significance.  We have a dedicated art space where we display work by new and emerging artists every two or three weeks. These shows cover a broad range of work including drawing, painting, photography, sculpture and video.  The art space’s principal aim is to showcase challenging and interesting work that may delight and provoke.


To find out more about the artist and for any sales enquiries please contact:

Artist Representative – Aurelija St.

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