YELLOW BLACK FIESTA in Vilnius business centre- Goštauto 40

The fine art exhibition “Crazy yellow” by Birutė Nomeda Stankūnienė occurs on August 25th  to September 18th   in Vilnius business centre Goštauto st. 40. Over the past two years the artist has developed this cycle which tells different intimate and sensitive questions from everyday life. While using intensive black and yellow colors in her artworks Birutė creates a special dramatic atmosphere. The black color represents power, mystery, discipline, and the yellow turns to joy and unexpected flair of danger. Sharp psychological experiences in this fine art cycle are rising into the range of pain to existential joy and absurdity. All these sensations are deformed into the expression of abstract painting. Besides, this painting process becomes as an individual ritual act. Constantly the metaphysical tension between all the abstract shapes is liberated while aesthetic absolution is implemented. Birutė states that each artwork of this cycle is her inside ‘’self” reflection.