We cordially invite you to visit the exhibition of painting


at “IMMAGINARIA ARTI VISIVE” gallery in Florence, Italy.

The opening:  28 of JUNE, 2018  at  17.30

ADDRESS: via guelfa, 22/ar – firenze – tel. +39 0552654093
info@galleriaimmaginaria.com; www.galleriaimmaginaria.com

About the Exhibition

Birutė Nomeda Stankūnienė: „I am opening up to myself, and I’m flying to inner obscurity. However I am safe because I can rest on something true.“ The exhibition reflects some of the discoveries, which Birutė wishes to share. Time spent creating pictures at her workshop is an opportunity to contemplate herself and surroundings, both past and present at a closer glance and with an open heart… Colours and shapes on canvas are following thoughts and feelings. „Sometimes I wish to delete everything and start painting again. Sometimes a few strokes on the canvas are sufficient for discovering harmony. “

Birutė Nomeda graduated from Vilnius Academy of Arts in 2009. Over the past ten years, her paintings have been showcased in national and international exhibitions more than 30 times including 3 times in UK. Her works received coverage by regional and international media, including the BBC and CNC News/Xinhua (China’s National News Agency). The painter further develops her artistic style and masters her unique way of expression by attending courses at the London Slade School of Arts and recently, following personal invitation, in a residence of the same school. This exhibition in Florence is arranged in cooperation with the largest Italian and one of leading European bank UNICREDIT.

Art critic Dangira Bužytė: „The paintings focus on expressing and communicating psychological states, while the abstract form allows the viewer to enter a state of contemplation and approach the work as a personal experience. Birutė Nomeda Stankūnienė is one of the very few Lithuanian artists having the ability to candidly – sometimes even painfully – explore existentialism through the abstract forms. “

„Galleria Immaginaria“ since 1993 continuously is focusing on abstract painting. It works with old abstract masters like Gruppo Forma 1 and also with new talented artists. The Gallery is presenting artists not only in Italy but also during International Art Fairs. This exhibition is the first with an artist from Lithuania. More about the Gallery: www.galeriaimmaginaria.com

See link and below introduction of the Exhibition in Italian at La Toscana nuova Art Journal:http://www.toscanacultura.it/la-toscana-nuova-giugno-2018/