About the project


„Inter-Art“ Foundation Aiud, Romania.

In partnership with the Permanent Mission of Romania to the United Nations  Romanian Cultural Institute (ICR) New York.


The United Nations dedicate the year 2013 to water corporation, we are global launching a global invitation to nations and culture to express through art specific features using a universal connection: WATER, the symbol of life on Earth.

The  organiser of  „Inter – Art“ Foundation Aiud  wishes to bring a tribune to the Mail Art phenomenon which over the years has brought an alterntive approach to the fields of art. Mail Art was the only way to display on an international level works by thousands of artist from different countries of the world.

Throught this project the invitations to all 193 countries members of United Nations have been sent. 320 artist for  110 countries accepted to participate, including Lithuanian artist Birutė Nomeda Stankūnienė. This Project is proving that throught art we can dream of a better world.

All the works exposed at the exhibition can be found on page http://www.inter-art.ro/usa2013/ (The painting of Birutė Nomeda Stankūnienė you can found at page 165).

The author about her work

Invitation to participate in this event I received from Zoltan Balog, “Inter-Art” Foundation  Aiud vice-president. It was because I‘m IUOMA (International Union Of Mail Artist) member. Mail art is small format works, which may be sent by mail as a letter, but not as a package. Personally I rarely do small-format works. Therefore each time I need to “reduce” myself. That time I chose the collage technique. Painting  was a little abstract, made on the sandpaper. It‘s like the land everywhere – even under the water. My words “Be ware of the artists they mix with all classes therefore they most dangerous” mean that the artists have forthright, childish and philosophical approach and expression of it you can not hide anywhere, blue spots in the painting – the water which is blood of earth, red blood is symbol of humanity in which also is water. So that’s how I’ve tried to reply to the topic. I didn‘t take a photograph of my work before sending it to the exhibition. Therefore I give the organizers version of it from the catalogue.

Therefore we can only invite you to come and take a look at these works at the United Nations Headquarters.

Address and opening details:

Opening Reception, Monday, September 9, 2013
United Nations Headquarters, New York
43rd Street – United Nations Plaza / North End of Secretariat Lobby
6:00 – 7:30 pm
Music performance by
Kenneth Meyer, guitar
with a work by composer Gregory Mertl