Painting exhibition by Birutės Nomedos Stankuniene


For me being myself means being an individual,being a woman creator. Therefore Being  Myself subsists in painting a new work, bringing up children or simply mopping the floor. Strength and daring for Being Myself, comes from accepting    who you are , accepting your  upsides and downsides. Acceptance of myself and the life I’m living as a gift to me and the world. Being Myself gives me power to stand firmly on my two feet and defend the privileged of being a woman.

The above statements are only an attempt to put down into words what ‘Being Myself’ means to me.  The true and honest expression of this concept is put into my abstract paintings.

The everyday experiences, the inner and outer incidents and transformations are both; defined by the colors in the painting and are heart of the paintings themselves.  They are short stories about what I seeand how I see the surrounding world. Paintings are my way to communicate with others and to share my experiences with others.

The starting point for my works usually comes from the seasons of the year. They provide or strengthen the associations, that I feel a need to communicate: the last months of the winter are filled with yearning for the spring (Waiting); the strong smells of lilacs at the beginning of the summer can bring both or either; happy and nostalgic(sad) feelings (The Summer Day when I Cried). The red of the autumn leafs is a messenger of an end, separation and loss (Confines–Stigma), etc.

I do not wish to load the viewer with the names of the paintings. Let the names and stories stay open to interpretation. Let’s open up to the colors and their impulse, and hopefully each of the viewers will create the story of their own.

Yours Faithfully,


Birute Nomeda Stankuniene