Reflections on the project  ‘Mourning And Social Media’:

In the context of topic of the project, I would like to distinguish two related things – death and mourning and their relationship with social media. According to my experiences, death is a short time shock, while mourning is a process. I would like to concentrate on mourning
This process which can be very different (long, short, no-mourning) can influence all aspects of our lives and our activities on social media as well. I think everybody expresses mourning in different ways, but at the same time, a mourning process has some commonalities: feelings involved in it. – anger and despair of loss or maybe freedom and joy.
According to my understanding, the most difficult part of mourning is the acceptance of a loss and its exchangeability, embracing this new broken world. Mourning following a loss makes us very fragile, uncertain and sensitive or opposite – cynic, egoistic, absorbed in our own world. In my opinion, in good case,
social media works as a protector, as an additional layer. for both sides, protects us from the outside world and the world from us, letting us hide our damage vulnerable inner world until we are ready to accept the reality.
In some cases, social media helps also avoid real mourning, or imitate it.