Show: 10-14 July 2019. Social media affected our understanding of identity and subjectivity. It supplied a publicity machinery with power previously available only to famous people. While technology guarantees immortality through publishing online, celebrity condition appears to be everyone’s condition and everything that has meaning, including death, has to be liked and shared.

DEATH IN THE AGE OF SOCIAL MEDIA brings together works by four artists , Patricia Muligan, Monika Srodon Anna Salmane and Birute Nomeda Stankuniene who are interested in the subject of death in the internet context. Works included in the show cover themes such as online presence and immortality, grieving online, death wish, atavism and bestiality, the function of social media in neoliberal politics.
Mulligan, Salome and Srodon are graduates of Fine Art of Goldsmith. Birute Nomeda – Vilnius Academy of Arts.