Oil, canvas, 100x100x2 cm, 2014.

Walking in childhood memories. Step by step! Step by step! I come back in my dreams and my feelings somewhere everything was different from now. During those days everything was important and measured according to the scale of a small child‘s big eyes and a big heart. This work is about summers spent at the Baltic Sea, where beach sand, sea water, blueness of the sky, twigs, feathers are the main tools for the realisation of children’s fantasy. Currently, however, all of these events looks like a view through a piece of a glass that is found on the sea beach. During many days waves of the sea have polished sharp edges of the broken glass. In the same way running days polished my jagged memories. I’m looking at my past: events faded, drowned into the fog, which brings into my heart some kind of a warm and gentle touch of offshore wind.